Winter is coming! Is your home ready?

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As a certain popular must-watch mythological TV show might claim, Winter is most definitely coming if it hasn’t already arrived that is! So, with the breeze settling in and the cold becoming ever more crisp by the day, it’s important to ensure that your home is sufficiently kept comfortable and energy efficient if you’re to enjoy a warm and inviting living space just in time for Christmas!

Throughout our 10 years improving homes all over the North London district, we’ve treated many homes to our ‘A’ rated, thermally insulated products and so are well equipped to do the same for your home. Make light work of staying warm these winter months with a home improvement service from Dolphin Windows.

Inventive ways to keep out the cold this winter season

If you’re a homeowner who knows deep down that your home isn’t prepared for the upcoming festive period, you rest comfortably knowing that there are various ways of locking in the heat, reducing those annoying draughts and eradicating and pesky cold spots through the use of our selection of windows and doors. Thanks to the innovative multi-chambered internal structure of our windows internal any warmth naturally generated in your home can be trapped, providing an abundance of various thermal and acoustic improvements.

Likewise, a new high performance composite door correctly installed by one of our experienced team members expertly combined the stylistic appeal of timber with all of the insulation benefits of modern uPVC, resulting in a more comfortable home. Every composite door that we provide features a unique 48mm solid core which helps enhance insulation which is 10% thicker than other competing products!

Green composite door

Saving you money as well as warmth with our high quality products

Because each one of our windows and doors do a terrific job improving thermal insulation no matter what sized budget you find yourself working with, you’ll find yourself less inclined to switch on your central heating and so save money on energy bills. Although choosing to improve your home may have a high price barrier to entry relative to your budget, it’s often a worthwhile investment that will see the rewards return to you in the long term.

If safety acts as one of your main concerns this upcoming winter season, you can rest comfortably knowing that all of our windows and doors come internally glazed as standard for reinforcement with optional PAS 23/24 security accreditation where appropriate. Especially when opting for an entrance door style, our high performance composites once again help maintain a secure front of the home as well as a thermally insulating one.

Enjoy an energy efficient and secure home 365 days a year!

Although swapping out your home’s existing windows and doors is an exciting prospect for those wishing to stamp out the cold during this upcoming festive season, with a service from Dolphin Windows it’s always assured that these insulating practices will always be effective throughout the year. Our products never demand vast amounts of time consuming maintenance either, remaining optimal at all times.

Van-side view of uPVC installation

Dolphin Windows can help you to Winter-proof your home

Whether it’s via a highly insulating tiled roof replacement for your existing conservatory, swapping out the front of your home’s existing series of casement windows or simply upgrading the entrance door to your home, we can help you on your journey to winter-proof your home just in time for the cold months ahead.

Contact a member of our team today on 0800 9997719 or send us a message online!

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