How to keep your conservatory cool this summer

Victorian conservatory interior with glass roof - keep your conservatory cool

As it finally starts to heat up, many of us find our conservatories too unbearable to be in. You don’t have to put up with this though; fall in love with your conservatory again by spending as much time in there as possible. What can you do to keep your conservatory cool this summer?

Let some air in

It might sound obvious but opening your conservatory windows will help. Let a cool breeze flow around your home. If you’re planning on having a new conservatory, consider windows that can be opened so you can control the ventilation. However, if the outside temperature is hotter than inside your conservatory, keep your windows closed to stop the hot air coming in.

Keep shaded

Blinds will help cool your conservatory down in the summer and are attractive as well as functional. They’re an easy way to add some colour as well as give your home a tropical feel. They will keep the heat out and shade you from the sun. During the winter they will also keep your warmth in. You can have integrated blinds installed which are the ultimate no-maintenance option. These are fitted between your glass so won’t get tangled and don’t need dusting.

Colour it cool

The colours you choose to decorate your conservatory with will make a difference to how cool it feels. With our conservatories, choose from a wide range of colours including sophisticated Anthracite Grey and beautiful timber effects. However, a lighter colour such as Chartwell Green or traditional white might be better at making your conservatory feel cool. Choose lighter furniture as well to give the illusion of a bright, cool and airy room. Natural materials such as bamboo and wicker will help keep temperatures from soaring. When it comes to sofas, choose cotton over leather. This can often leave you feeling sweaty and uncomfortable.

uPVC conservatory roof

Keep your conservatory cool all summer

Fans are an affordable way to circulate cooler air around your conservatory. You could even have one attached to the ceiling. If you’ve tried everything else to keep your conservatory cool, an air conditioning unit might be your best option. You can buy some that double up as a heating unit as well so can stay throughout the year.

Choose a conservatory that will stay at the perfect temperature all year

The best way to keep your conservatory cool is to ensure it’s as efficient as possible. Our uPVC conservatories are built with efficient insulating frames that will keep heat out in the summer and in during the winter. Solar reflective glass is available for the windows and roof and our windows are A rated as standard. This glass works by reflecting the sun’s energy so that the room doesn’t overheat. We can also replace your existing conservatory roof with our superior glass so that you can bring it back to life. Get in touch with us today to let us keep your conservatory cool this summer.

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