Interior design trends: Decorate your home with metallic features

Aluminium Windows

Whether you’re more of Gold, Silver, or even Copper kind of person, cool and contemporary metal finishes are set to be one of 2017’s most popular and appealing interior design trends. When offset against the warm paint tones present in most British homes, it’s easy to create a modern look with just a touch of minimalistic glamour.

Just because metal is shiny doesn’t mean it has to be distracting, and thankfully the team here at Dolphin Windows are always on hand to show you how. Afraid that Silver may come off as too cold and clinical!? Try Gold. Concerned that it’s too ‘blingy’? Copper is available. Don’t miss out on treating your home to the sleek metallic style set to take over so many homes this year!

Cool metallic tones that make for a truly modern aesthetic and warm glow

The biggest benefit of adding metallic features and elements to your property, is the simple fact that metal represents modernity. Even if your home is one dripping in history or a cottage with plenty of traditional design elements, upgrading a room with this particular interior design is an easy way of updating it to the 21st century whilst remaining a natural and seamless addition.

Especially when opting for a copper metallic style, this tone works exceptionally well for homeowners seeking to add a sense of warmth. Other warming metals such as brass and rose gold successfully work in tandem across any similarly coloured accessories, furniture, and home items to create a sense of heat without even needing to waste energy. A tool homes of all ages can benefit from, all made possible due to a more metallic interior.

Sleek aluminium frames which adds sophistication

Aluminium Windows Croydon

In order to entice both guests and yourself into the home from the outside, metallic features serve as a nice greeting externally too. The sleek metal frames of aluminium windows and doors act as a complimentary entry point, whilst still letting everyone successfully see the beauty of the interior design thanks to large glass panels and slim sight lines.


When tailor-made specifically for your property’s apertures, aluminium windows and doors are an eye-catching addition. An ideal way of letting light in which helps to illuminate and naturally bounce of a home’s metallic features, all of this is possible without having to open up the space to the unnecessary outside cold.


Dolphin Windows: Upgrading your home inside as well as out

Touting over 10 years experience helping homeowners in London, Essex, and Hertfordshire renovate their properties for the better, at Dolphin we think it’s only right to let the metallic interior revolution wash over you! To find out how to best go about this, feel free to get in touch either via phone (0800 9997719) or an online message.

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