How can Bi-fold doors transform my home?

Interior of bifold doors installed in a barn

Are you struggling to make the most of your garden or would like to modernise your home? Bi-fold doors are a great way to brighten up any home as well as boasting a range of other benefits. They allow you to seamlessly connect your inside and outside living spaces and create an almost open plan feel. A perfect addition for balmy summer days or when entertaining. Experiencing a surge in popularity over recent years, they can add so much to any home regardless of the style.

What are they and how do they work?

Bi-fold doors consist of three or more pairs of folding door panels that slide along a track. They then fold back allowing you complete control over how much of the outside you let in. They are extremely versatile as the panels can be hung inside or out; perfect for when you have limited space surrounding the doors. They are incredibly easy to use and maintain, whatever material you have.

White bifold door

What can they do for my home?

One of their most popular elements is that they have slim sightlines allowing more space for glazing. The maximum amount of natural sunlight is allowed through, as well as giving stunning views.They are a perfect choice for those who are proud of their gardens and want to enjoy them as much as possible whatever the weather. Their sleek appearance gives a real modern feel to any home, but not too much to prevent them being suitable for traditional properties. They are visual appealing and would be a focal point of any home. Due to their growing popularity and stunning aesthetics they can also add value to your home and be a feature you can be proud of.

Aluminium or uPVC?

Both materials we offer are superb insulators and are visually appealing. uPVC is generally a cheaper material but still offers brilliant thermal and acoustic insulation. It’s extremely easy to maintain; just requiring a wipe down every so often. Aluminium is the stronger of the two, even when used as an ultra slim frame so will last for years to come. It does not discolour or rot and is recyclable. However, the price is slightly more than uPVC but is an extremely worthwhile investment if you want to reap the benefits.

Why should I choose Dolphin Windows?

Aluminium Origin bifold doors installed for barn conversion

We offer our bi-fold doors in either versatile uPVC or modern aluminium so all budgets and tastes will find a bi-fold door suitable for them. All our glazing is high performing and scores an A rating for energy efficiency due to their perfect insulation properties. We offer a range of colours in both materials including wood effect finishes for those who like the look of authentic timber. All of our bi-fold doors come with secure locking systems and pass both PAS23 and PAS24, demonstrating their performance and security.

Along with our other products you will get a 10-year insurance backed guarantee giving you peace of mind if anything goes wrong. Our commitment to bringing you quality products and service means you can rest assured that choosing bi-fold doors from Dolphin Windows is the right choice.

Talk to us today to find out more about what bi-fold doors can bring to your home.

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