Double glazing

uPVC Casement Window

Double glazing specialists in North London & Essex

Dolphin are specialists when it comes installing high performance double glazing in homes across North London, Essex and Hertfordshire. Our high quality double glazing suits both traditional and heritage properties and, with an A Windows Energy Rating, it can help to enhance the energy performance of your home.

Improves the thermal and acoustic insulation of your home

Double glazing works by using the insulating space between two panes of thick glazing to trap heat. This in turn slows its escape from a building and keeps your home warmer for longer. Thanks to its excellent insulating properties, double glazing also reduce the effects of noise pollution on a home: perfect if you live in the capital or a particularly noisy area.

Enhances energy efficiency, saving you money

Double glazing can also potentially lower the energy consumption of your home. This can help to reduce the costs your heating bills and save you a large amount of money in the process. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that some properties can save as much as £150 a year by upgrading to double glazing.

Custom soundproof double glazing also available

Dolphin can also offer custom double glazing such as acoustic glass and soundproof glazing to further enhance the acoustic insulation of your property. If you want to reduce the impact of external noise on your property, soundproof glazing from Dolphin is the perfect solution.

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