Casement windows

  • White casement window
  • Rosewood, dark brown casement window
  • White bay window
  • VEKA casement windows

High quality casement windows in North London & Essex

Combining traditional aesthetics with modern energy efficiency, our casement windows are perfect for both heritage and modern properties. At Dolphin, our casement windows are available in a variety of different styles and configurations so that you can find the perfect product to match your home. Our casement windows deliver the complete solution for any property from period to contemporary.

A-rated uPVC windows for excellent thermal retention

All of our casement windows are A-rated for energy efficiency. This means that they help to keep a home warm for longer, helping to reduce the cost of your home’s heating bills.

Thanks to the complex internal structure of the window’s profile system, a uPVC casement window has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation benefits. We supply double glazing as standard across all of our windows, with optional triple glazing for added peace and warmth.

Long lasting, easy to maintain

uPVC casement windows are also incredibly durable, long lasting and are easy to maintain, requiring just an occasional wipe down with cloth to be kept working at their optimum. This makes them perfect for homeowners looking for a window that doesn’t need time consuming maintenance.
Accredited double glazing installers


  • Available in a range of configurations to match any property
  • A-rated for energy efficiency, as standard
  • Secure hardware for added peace of mind
  • Made from high quality, long lasting and easy to maintain uPVC
  • Double glazed as standard
  • Internally glazed for enhanced security
  • Shootbolts and hinge protectors applied to all frames
  • Optional PAS 23/24 security accreditation
  • Extensive colour range and over 50 foils from which to choose

Colour options

Agate grey
Basalt grey
Chartwell green
Cream white
Dark green
Dark red
Irish oak
Light oak
Moss green
Black brown
Siena PN
Silver grey
Slate grey
Steel blue
Wine red

Glazing options

  • Double glazing as standard
  • Option of triple glazing for enhanced energy efficiency
  • Acoustic and soundproof glazed units

Network Veka Guarantee

As a Network Veka accredited installer, all of our products and services are covered by an insurance and guarantee system. This means that your purchase and deposit are completely protected.

Network VEKA Guarantee

  • All products and services covered by a 10 year insurance backed guarantee
  • Three-month deposit protection guarantee