Composite doors

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High performance composite doors in North London & Essex

Composite doors are some of the most secure, thermally retentive and energy efficient doors available. 10% thicker than other composite doors on the market, and combining the easy maintenance of uPVC, and the aesthetics and strength of timber, our Solidor composite door installations can truly enhance the look, and security, of a home.

Best qualities of uPVC & timber combined

Thanks to their hybrid design, Solidor composite doors combine the best properties of uPVC and timber to create one of the highest performing doors currently available on the market. Joining the easy maintenance and thermal retention of uPVC with the durability and strength of timber, composite doors fuse the best of both materials, forming a door at the height of technology.

Enhanced security and weatherproof protection

Our composite doors can also incorporate what’s known as a dual rebate for even more security enhancement. Put simply, a rebate is a deep groove cut into the edge of the door frame, allowing for a much tighter fit. The natural thickness of a composite door means they are highly suited to incorporate this.

Dual rebate frames are easy to fit and install thanks to their sleek design, they are robust and offer less room for error when compared to traditional single rebates. Fully sealed and offering brilliant protection against water penetration, a dual composite door from dolphin has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Wide range of Solidor styles to choose from

We have more than 60 Solidor door styles to choose from, available in 18 colours. This makes it easy to choose a composite door that reflects your personality – opt for more traditional woodgrains, contemporary greys and blacks, or something in between.

Accredited double glazing installers


  • Available in a range of styles and designs to suit any property
  • Exterior GRP skin provides easy maintenance
  • Impeccable energy efficiency and thermal retention
  • Unique 48mm solid core for enhanced insulation – 10% thicker than competitors
  • Exclusive door furniture available, such as letterplates and handles
  • Chamfered or sculptured door frames
  • Weatherproof seals for enhanced protection from the elements
  • Secure multipoint locking system for added peace of mind
  • Meets PAS23 and PAS24

Colour options

Solidor - Anthracite Grey
Solidor - Black
Solidor - Blue
Solidor - Chartwell Green
Solidor - Cream
Solidor - Duck Egg Blue
Solidor - Foiled White
Solidor - French Grey
Solidor - Golden Oak
Solidor - Golden Sand
Solidor - Green
Solidor - Irish Oak
Solidor - Painswick
Solidor - Peacock Blue
Solidor - Red
Solidor - Rich Aubergine
Solidor - Rosewood
Solidor - Schwarzbraun
Solidor - Walnut
Solidor - White

Glazing options

  • Double glazing supplied as standard
  • Option of triple glazing for enhanced energy efficiency
  • Decorative glazing available on request

Network Veka Guarantee

As a Network Veka accredited installer, all of our products and services are covered by an insurance and guarantee system. This means that your purchase and deposit are completely protected should anything go wrong.

Network VEKA Guarantee

  • All products and services covered by a 10 year insurance backed guarantee
  • Three-month deposit protection guarantee

Ultion lock security

Every Composite door from Dolphin Windows can be upgraded to deliver the very best security available, proudly making use of the Ultion Lock – the country’s most secure locking system. Ultion is a multi-pin locking system that when locked, stays locked.

  • High performance lock that offers double snapped resistance even with the key in
  • System initiates ‘Lockdown mode’ when the Ultion lock is attacked
  • Makes use of 11 pins, typical locks only consist of 5/li>